Leituras da Semana: The War On Drugs, Christopher Owens e Quentin Tarantino

Separamos alguns dos melhores textos sobre música que lemos pela Web nos últimos dias

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Semanalmente, filtramos os melhores textos nacionais e internacionais que encontramos na rede, a fim de enriquecer ainda mais seu conhecimento sobre música

The War On Drugs Inside Man, por David Bevan

Uma conversa com Adam Granduciel, líder da banda The War On Drugs sobre tudo que envolveu a criação do ótimo disco Lost In The Dream.

“When he painted, he would listen to music: Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Led Zeppelin. The more he listened, the more he felt compelled to start recording on his own. And once he began, Granduciel developed a decidedly solitary process, often working through the night in his Oakland apartment, sculpting and conjoining layer upon layer of guitar.”

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How “Misirlou” Became Pulp Fiction and Quentin Tarantino’s Smoking Gun, por Blake Goble no site Consequence of Sound

Em uma coluna especial para trilhas sonoras, o jornalista fala um pouco sobre as trilhas dos filmes de Quentin Tarantino, como Pulp Fiction e Kill Bill, mas sobretudo como a faixa Misirlou, de Dick Dale & His Del-Tones, se tornou tão icônica ao embalar a trama de Jules e Vincente em Pulp Fiction

“Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction turns 20 this year, and yet the film remains lodged in everyone’s head. Royales with cheese, Big Kahuna burgers, golden briefcases, wallets that say “Bad Motherfucker,” watches, foot massages, the “Gimp,” Zed, poor Marvin, The Wolf, what Marsellus Wallace looks like, furious vengeance, the sting of pride, a needle in the heart, Honey Bunnies, Pumpkins, Kitty Kats, and Daddy-Os — all fractions of Pulp Fiction’s seemingly ceaseless linguistics about the minutiae of kitsch and pulp.”

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Christopher Owens’ Family Reunion, On A New Testament , por John Norris no blog da Refinery 29

Com um segundo álbum solo recém-lançado, o músico Christopher Owens conversa descontraidamente sobre o novo trabalho, contando mais de sua vida pessoal e dos contextos nos quais algumas músicas foram feitas. Um belo presente pra quem acompanha o artista.

“Wouldn’t you say the vast majority of songs you’ve written since 2007 have been about one-on-one love?    ‘Yeah, or sometimes not romantic love, sometimes just a very good friend. Like, Laura for example, we were never involved in that way. But, she was somebody whose friendship I really cared about, and when we had a falling out, you know, all I could think to do was write a song about it. And, I have written about, you know, that song Oh Boy was about a very close friend of mine that I had a falling out with. And, there’s a very small percentage that are fun to write, but it doesn’t happen very often — where I’m sort of role-playing. Like there’s a song on this record, A Heart Akin the Wind, I’m pretending to be Marty Robbins, you know, sort of a dude ranch cowboy. Every once in a while I like to do that’

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